Tan Lee Et Food Industry is an established traditional coffee roaster based in Singapore with more than 30 years of experience since 1982. The company is focused on supplying and supporting businesses that wish to serve coffee with great aroma and taste to end customers.

Singapore Food Expo 2014


Come visit us at our office at 12 Chin Bee Crescent and we'll bring you through our roasting process and taste the different selections of coffee available.

Singapore Food Expo 2014


Join us at the Singapore Food Expo 2014 from 29th May to 2nd June 2014 at Singapore Expo Hall 5.

Tan Lee Et will offer its selection of coffee products to trade visitors and consumers. Come and have a taste of our unique coffee blend!



Ever thought of setting up a coffeeshop but not equip with the brewing know-how? Or wish to know more about the operation of traditional coffee chains?

Tan Lee Et offers a range of courses from basic coffee and tea brewing to managing franchises.